The Lumen Quarterly DDoS report provides insight into today’s evolving threat landscape.

Quarter by quarter, threat by threat.
Download the report to get actionable intelligence so you can:
  • Understand the threats targeting your industry
  • Understand the most popular DDoS and application attack vectors to anticipate emerging threats
  • Manage your security posture
  • What to do if you experience an attack

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Q4 2021 DDoS attack trends 
  • Multi-vector attacks represented 35% of all DDoS attacks
  • 54% of attacks were under 30 minutes
  • Top three targeted verticals: telecommunications, Gaming and Software and Technology
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How can Lumen help?
With one of the largest DDoS mitigation deployments in the industry, 85+ Tbps of global backbone Flowspec capacity, next-gen intelligent scrubbing and Black Lotus Labs-derived countermeasures, Lumen owns DDoS Mitigation at scale. Lumen DDoS Mitigation service delivers On-Demand and Always-On mitigation options with advanced features like intelligent scrubbing to reduce latency and improve performance, and a flat monthly service rate regardless of size, length, and frequency of attacks.

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