IDC webinar: Lumen Dynamic Connections Demo

Dynamic connectivity is an imperative pillar of IT Agility.
Enterprises must be able to securely connect and manage
geographically distributed applications and data in a
rapidly changing environment. In this video webcast you’ll
learn how Lumen IP VPN Dynamic Connections enhances
application performance while alleviating traditional
installation pain points.

Watch the Lumen Dynamic Connections webinar and demo. 

Real-time connectivity
Quickly turn up new cloud-based applications and services with secure, high-performance cloud and data center connections that shift workloads to where they’re most valuable, when they’re most valuable.
Optimize technology budget
Quickly turn up new cloud-based apps and services using the portal or customer-facing APIs with a consistent, predictable cost model.
Enhance next-gen workloads
Improve real-time app performance by adjusting bandwidth, latency and location to efficiently acquire and analyze data at the edge.
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