Join Lumen & Zoom for an IDC analyst led presentation on how to successfully build a hybrid work model that deploys unified communication and collaboration to build more resilient ways of working.

Amy Loomis, Research Director, Future of Work, IDC
Denise Lund, Research Director, WW Telecom and Unified Communications, IDC
How will you deploy hybrid work models in 2021?

With so many business disruptions changing the ways in which the world works, getting clarity on how hybrid works (and doesn’t) is key.

What does it take to build and support hybrid ways of working in 2021?

Organizations continue to adapt to shifting work practices by investing in digital technologies. Their goal is to move from simply reacting to disruption to adapting to new ways of working that enable them to capitalize on changed conditions.

Successful organizations recognize that this is not purely an IT effort but a full court press that engages leadership across operations, finance, security and HR. Enduring hybrid work models require not only technical parity but a parity of experience between remote and on-site workers. This means equal access to tools, people, data and applications to get work done uncompromised by challenges to security, infrastructure or connectivity.

Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) has a key role to play in ensuring a seamless engagement between all work environments. This includes intelligent digital workspaces and physical work places that continue to evolve as the world comes to define the future of hybrid work.
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