Even prior to the onset of COVID-19, changing market dynamics put retail under stress to wring out every efficiency in order to lower costs and improve agility through technology. With these pressures compounded by the effects of the pandemic, retailers are seeking innovative technologies to find new ways to not just survive, but thrive. Edge computing has emerged as an integral element in supporting applications in both brick and mortar and online commerce.

In this webinar– we explore the critical issues of shopper safety and data security. The former relates more to physical shopping and the latter to the use of data gathered across all channels.

Consumers still enjoy shopping in stores, but safety has become a much more important factor because of the pandemic. Retailers are also keen to emphasize a safe shopping environment for staff and customers. Technology has a key role to play in creating safe shopping environments, from video surveillance to secure POS systems.

With more data being shared, customers are very conscious about the security of personal information. The misuse or leaking of data has a very negative impact on brand perception and comes with a financial cost to a brand. Technology has a vital role to play in protecting data and reassuring consumers, from secure edge computing platforms to cloud applications.

Hear from our GlobalData’s retail and technology analysts and from Lumen’s expert in Edge security to understand the opportunities that lie ahead.

What we will cover:
    • The safety concerns of consumers when shopping in physical stores
    • What consumers want from a physical shopping experience
    • The importance of customer data and how retailers can use it to optimize performance
    • Consumer concerns over data sharing
    • Commercial consequences of data breaches
    • Technology solutions to protecting data
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