As businesses expand into new global markets while also facing rising consumer expectations for fast, reliable digital experiences, the need for a multi-CDN strategy is greater than ever.  

In the face of this new reality, the question then becomes how to best implement and manage a multi-CDN delivery strategy to help ensure that users can get their content quickly, securely, and reliably.  

Join CDN expert Dan Rayburn as he discusses multi-CDN strategies alongside media delivery experts from Hulu and Lumen. This panel will share best practices for building and maintaining a multi-CDN architecture, including key takeaways such as: 

 Methodologies for selecting and prioritizing CDN vendors in specific regions
 Metrics you can use to base decisions for CDN switching
 Types of tools for multi-CDN management (e.g. proactive vs. reactive, dynamic vs. static, etc.)
 Real-world examples of the benefits of a multi-CDN strategy

Dan Rayburn
CDN Expert
Rob Roskin
Manager of Solutions Architecture @Lumen
Pankaj Choudhari
Video Delivery Architect @Hulu
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