Even prior to the onset of the COVID-19, changing market dynamics put the retail industry under stress to wring out every efficiency possible in order to lower costs and improve agility through technology. In a digital world, transformative change can happen at warp speed. Technology underpinned the dramatic shift to remote work and school during the pandemic.

Cloud computing played a fundamental role in that change. Cloud has played a critical role in retail for years but now there is a recognition that it is time for the next chapter, one that could bring the power of cloud computing closer to retailers. Edge computing promises to do just that. This white paper will outline the state of retail today and in the future. The paper will lay out many of the most compelling use cases that retail edge computing could improve upon or even make possible for the first time.

The white paper will put these use cases into the context of five critical themes for retail. These themes are:

- Security
- Enhanced customer experience
- Safety
- Operational effectiveness
- Loss and fraud prevention
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